Terms of Use

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’ve put quite a bit of time and effort into this web site and the photographs posted on it, and I appreciate your willingness to treat my work with respect.

The Basics
All site content and images are owned and copyright 1999-2014 by Ezra Ekman. No part of this site, including images in which your likeness is not present, may be saved, copied, published or used in any other way without my express written permission. Please contact me prior to any use of the contents of this site to negotiate usage terms and fees or to request high-resolution copies. Any and all usage not described herein is strictly prohibited.

The longer version
You may not use any part of this site without my express written permission. (Please note: non-profit or NGO use is still considered “commercial” use for the purposes of these terms.)  This means that you may not use any photo on this site to sell, promote, market or endorse any product or service, including but not limited to: venues or facilities, catering or cooking services, event planning or coordination services, crafts or other products, performance or entertainment services, political cause, non-profit organization or any other product or service without my express written permission. Similarly, no photo on this site may be used editorially or in any way associated with other media or content without my express written permission. If you wish to use an image on this site for editorial purposes, please contact me to arrange a license for such use. If you have not received my express written permission to use an image for any reason, it is not okay to copy, save, publish or use it in any other way, to protect the privacy of the respective subjects. You may not hotlink images on this site, which means you cannot directly link to a specific image; you must sent them to the applicable post or gallery page in which the image was published on my site. If you are using photos with permission, please download them first using the URL I provide to you, then upload them to the service where you plan to use them. You may not modify any of my photographs, nor can you remove or obscure the watermark contained in or on the image. Any and all rights or permissions granted by these terms will be immediately revoked if the watermark is removed from any of the photos, or if the image is modified in any way.

The Final Word
Any violation of these terms can have serious legal consequences, so please abide by them. I try to be easygoing about these things; all I ask is that you treat my work with respect and contact me if anything isn’t clear. I’m sure we can work something out that will work for both of us. Thanks! :-)